Message from Head of Operations

Right now we’re in the middle of organisational change interviews and I know it’s a really difficult time for some. The changes we’ve all talked about now seem very real. Thank you all for your professionalism and patience as we go through these processes. As ever, we continue to put our service users first and that’s always great to see.

The new LSU, Aspen Wood, will be ready in the summer well ahead of the transfer of our site going to Lancashire and South Cumbria. You can visit Aspen Wood and we’ve pages online about the build’s progress. The gardens there are coming on really well, and the artists have been planning their designs which people will see as they arrive on site. The artists were interviewed by service users and certainly made an impression!  Some of the ladies and men from Maplewood are working with our communications manager on a short film, just like some of you will remember from the Media Crew days. They are using the film to set out their expectations and questions about what the site will be like and what Maghull is like as a place for them.

In an important development for the pathway, the CQC have confirmed that service users with us in Maplewood who are not detained under part 3 of the Mental Health Act can transfer to Aspen Wood if they have not moved on by the time the new unit opens. All patients current discharge plans will continue  We’re busy now working on new operational plans for the LSU and thank you to those involved in that and to our champions as well.

For those working in the periphery houses, there’s lots going on – we’re speaking regularly to the families. The IPCs will transfer to Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS. Other changes will be that Care Notes are transferring to Rio on 1 June and you’ll have seen the ask that you join the RADAR training online as well.

Meanwhile, regular activities continue: discussions at the recovery college sessions include OTs planning walking groups and we’ve a local dancing troupe coming on Maplewood soon which will be a lovely treat and Herbstones continues to serve brilliant meal choices.

Thank you all – the next few months will see the big changes we’ve all had at the back of our minds for several years now. If you have worries, talk to your manager or our wellbeing services. My door is open as well – let’s work together as we move forward.

Julia Musker

Head of Operations, Whalley