Publish date: 31 July 2023

From 1 August 2023 any new incidents raised for/by Whalley Campus staff will be recorded on Radar (incident and risk management system), not Ulysses.

This excludes the four IPC houses (Ravenswood, North Lodge, Moor Cottage and Pendle Drive). 

Existing incidents recorded on Ulysses prior to 1  August will be able to be accessed and managed accordingly.  The link to Radar can be found at , by clicking the link on your desktop, or by going to the Systems and tools section on YourSpace.

Frequently asked questions, latest system announcements, training guides, videos and support documentation can all be found on the RADAR support pages of YourSpace.

If you have any issues identified using the new system or requests for additional support, please email the Incident and Risk team via email at