Publish date: 7 November 2023

Our Allerton and Aigburth District Nurse Team provided a Christmas Surprise for one of our patients with a palliative care diagnosis. They celebrated Christmas Day earlier this month due to the uncertainty of her diagnosis.

Christmas in November 1.jpg

The patient, Georgina Cuddy is in the first photo sitting on the settee with glasses on, her sister Lyn Wilkinson, is sitting next to her on the left. The rest of the people in the shot are member of the team including student nurse on placement with the team (Elli Johneton) on the far right of the photo.

Michelle Alty, from the Specialist Palliative Team, has shared also this patient and family feedback:

"A young lady with a palliative diagnosis who had her Christmas day yesterday owing to the uncertainty of her disease.

Both the patient and the family were completely overwhelmed by the kindness and care given by the district nursing team to make this day special for them. The family felt that the team went above and beyond to make this day special, attending her home with Christmas headbands, tinsel, and a reindeer costume, singing carols! The Dns also gave her flowers and a gift.

Thank you to the team for making this day so very special for them. The family state " the DNs have given them memories they will never forget and they will be forever grateful".

Christmas in November 2.jpgChristmas in November 3.jpg

This team received this week’s compliment for their amazing work!

Allerton district nurses - Nov23.png