Publish date: 2 November 2023

The Trust has a strong record in building well-received new facilities. In recent years we’ve opened Rowan View, Hartley Hospital a year later and we are about to open our new low secure facility called Aspen Wood. Work on the new Mossley Hill mental healthcare facility is well underway in Liverpool too.

These facilities have all received major awards recognition, sometimes even before they have opened. This is often because of our co-produced work with patients and service users to engage on planning how the design, furniture, colours, artwork and ward names are decided. This partnership approach is ‘business as usual’ for all our new builds and recent weeks has continued the recognition for this joint working. 

We are delighted to accept the Best Public Building award from the 2023 Sefton Design Awards, which was announced by the local authority on 20 October in Southport. At the event, Aspen Wood low secure service was also highly commended.

Also, Aspen Wood was announced as the winner of the Clinicians Award at the Building Better Healthcare 2023 Awards on 1 November. This 40 bed facility will open to service users early next year and is currently undergoing staff training, familiarisation and a range of programmes.

The Trust’s Chief Communications, Engagement and Estates Officer, Elaine Darbyshire, says: “We’re proud and delighted to be delivering beautiful award-winning buildings in partnership with our service users and contract partners.”

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