Verifying someone’s identity is the most fundamental of all pre-employment checks. It will be the first check performed and an application will not be able to progress until a person’s identity is proven.

Verification of identity checks are designed to:

  • Determine that the identity is genuine and relates to a real person
  • Establish that the individual owns and is rightfully using that identity

Prospective employees must provide acceptable documents containing their photograph, such as a passport or UK driving licence, and acceptable documents providing their current address and evidence of residency. Identity must be checked at the interview stage by the recruiting manager and later verified at a pre-employment check meeting with the recruitment team. If there are any doubts about authenticity of identity documents provided this should be raised with the recruitment team.

All successful candidates must attend a face to face ID check appointment with the recruitment team to ensure compliance against the NHS Employers Identity Check Standard. This appointment is booked by the candidate using Trac, the Trusts recruitment management system.