Publish date: 19 August 2022

From 30 August 2022, the Knowsley Aids and Adaptations Service will no longer be accepting emails to the Duty OT inbox

From this date all front door queries and referrals should be made via the Knowsley First Response Team on 0151 443 2600. This includes referrals for urgent moving and handling and aids and adaptations for both adults and children. Any queries for service users already known/referred to the service should be directed to the admin team on 0151 244 4096 or

Professional referrals for adults can also be made online via Knowsley Adult Social Care Portal. Follow the steps on the link to make a professional referral for either an Urgent Moving and Handling Assessment, Aids and Adaptations Referral, or Deaf Services referral (via the Sensory Loss Referral link).

Please note, you will need to create an account to make an online referral; once created this can be logged into for any future referrals made or for retrieving previous referrals completed.