Publish date: 16 March 2023

This week we celebrated Nutrition and Hydration week across the trust and our complex care units across Liverpool Place ensured that this was cause for celebration.

With the support from Michelle Barton, dietican, and the Facilities team, service users, carers and staff enjoyed afternoon tea and took part in a quiz  for the chance to win a prize for the ward.

Bernie Fawcett, singer played live music on behalf of one of our long term supporters, Music in Hospitals Charity.

He was also joined by one of our carer and relatives who also supports the local community, was visiting at the time and happened to have his guitar!

Carers and families were welcomed and able to share in tea and cake provided and put in a request or two.

Well done to all the ward staff and our fantastic Occupational Therapy team for all your hard work decorating and supporting this wonderful day.

Nutrition and hydration week1.jpg