Publish date: 10 July 2023

Plans for the contractors to hand over Aspen Wood have been put back to 3 August. This means that construction work at the low secure site at Maghull Health Park will continue for the next few weeks before the facility can be operationalised.

Steve Newton, Divisional Director of Secure Care, has shared a message with Whalley based staff about what this means for the transfer of our learning disability service, which will not relocate in this calendar year.

The full message is on YourSpace and Steve ends by thanking staff for their patience, saying: “I apologise for this unavoidable delay, but the decision to delay is the right one for both our staff and our patients. We will continue to work through the internal and external factors described above and when we can we share clearer timescales and more information we will ensure that these are communicated with you as soon as possible.”