Publish date: 29 June 2023

Throughout the Trust, numerous teams celebrated learning disabilities week by sharing what working with people with learning disabilities means to them, attending events and celebrating with service users.

Warrington LD Team LD Week.jpgOur Warrington Learning Disablities team celebrated the week by attending the local warrington general learning disability awareness event, and then had the reflective group session on what it means to working in the learning disability team.

They have also shared what a day in their lives look like.



A Typical day in the life of LD Warrington team:

The sun is shining, the phones are ringing.

The team respond with care, compassion and understanding,

Visits a plenty, coffee cups are empty,

Sharing details, reading emails, assessing needs,

Connecting, collaborating, communicating and focussing on how to maximise wellbeing, health and safety for the adults we work with…

Whalley celebrations

Monday 19 June - The theme for the week was myth busting so we had a myth busting exercise, followed by a quiz based on Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence. In the afternoon we had an ex service user come and talk to us about how he has a paid job for an NHS Trust, busting the myth that people with a learning disability will not be able to work.

Whalley LD 1.jpg

Tuesday 20 June - There was an arts and crafts session by Speech and Language where service users made their own super hero badge.

Whalley LD 2.jpgWhalley LD 3.jpg

In the afternoon OT ran a session on self soothing.

Whalley LD 4.jpg

Wednesday 21 June - Newton and Slaidburn had an activity where the service users drew around their hands and wrote something that they will miss about the hospital or something that they are grateful for. In the afternoon we had a seated exercise session which was great fun.

Whalley LD 5.jpg

Thursday 22 June - Psychology used some computer software to create Avatars. This was followed by a treasure hunt around the grounds where the service users had to find answers to clues – all those involved received a packed lunch, a certificate and prizes.

Whalley LD 6.jpg

Friday 23 June - Maplewood 2 had a Qigong session which is gentle exercise to help you relax with Jeff. In the afternoon we held a Sing and Sign session followed by Dance Syndrome who taught the service users a couple of routines.  Everyone had a fantastic time.

Whalley LD 7.jpg

Strawberry fields event

The Strawberry Fields event was a day for service users introducing them to the step into work scheme and to educate them on options they had about exploring work. We also took part in some fun team building activities.

Strawberry Fields event LD Day.jpgStrawberry Fields event LD Day 2.jpg

Breaking the stigma event

Last Friday, was our event "breaking the stigma" around having a learning disabilities and to provide information to professionals around supporting those with an learning disability.

Breaking the stigma 3.jpegBreaking the stigma 4.jpeg