Publish date: 6 January 2022

I want to start with a heartfelt thank you – these are some of the most challenging times I can remember as a nurse and as part of the Whalley leadership. But I know we’re all pulling together and are focussed on what we know is best for service users and each other.  It’s truly appreciated and our reputation as a team that cares and looks out for each other is well noticed around Mersey Care.

As we look into this new year, I want to set out some of the things that are happening. Site retraction, a difficult term I know, means we will close some more areas.

One of these will be St Luke’s and when it’s safe and things are calmer, the chaplain will be holding a small memorial service there to mark its time as the spiritual and social heart of the hospital. We hope to have some guests and make it safe and accessible for those who want to be part of that day.

Late in the year, the village have asked for us to support the Jubilee – and we want to thank them for their own support for us over the years. Activities are planned and we are part of that. Communications manager John Rowbotham will be wanting to talk about our history and display items in the village during their planned events – and we’ll be asking for input from those on site who want to be part of that.

More immediately, our colleagues at Lancashire and South Cumbria are taking on Woodview. They will be working on refurbishing the building for their needs, which will carry on throughout this year. You’ll see hoardings going up next week for safety around Woodview and there will be new people on site as the work proceeds. Please make them welcome as we come together and make sure our site continues as an NHS facility, and is made ready for them and their services to come. Work on Woodview begins next Monday 10 January.

Thank you to everyone – on the wards, in our support services, offices and teams across site.  My very best wishes.

Julia Musker

Head of Service