Publish date: 17 August 2022

The Hybrid Working Project Team has carefully planned your future accommodation in terms of number/type of desks and storage that has been allocated to suit your team’s needs. Managers will share desk plans with you prior to moves, which will show rooms/areas that you will occupy and the agreed layouts within. Due to the roll out of hybrid working, most staff will not have a dedicated desk allocated to them. In certain circumstances some staff will, either due to the nature of their work, or due to workplace assessment needs.

Move dates:

The move from Babbage House will be undertaken in a series of phases, detailed in the table attached. We appreciate that the timelines relating to these moves is quite short notice, but this is due to the pressure of ensuring that all necessary decommissioning work can be undertaken at Babbage House, in time for the lease expiration.

The Hybrid Working Project Team expect only minimal staff from each team to be in attendance on each relocation date, so working arrangements will need to be agreed with line managers for any relocation dates that affect your team. Therefore, it is crucially important that your current offices/belongings, are fully packed into packing crates by you/your team and ready to be moved at close of business on the day preceding your relocation date. 

If you are on leave on/around your relocation date, you must ensure that your crates are packed prior to you going on leave.

Packing arrangements:

1.  Heavy duty plastic packing crates will be delivered to your existing premises and will be collected from your new locations on the dates shown in the table attached.

2.  Low tack, sticky labels will be supplied in advance of your relocation, to be used on the packing crates - all labels should be completed, stating the following information:

a. Team name

b. Staff name

c. Building

d. Floor

e. Room number (if applicable)

f.  Desk number (if applicable).

3.  Labels will be coloured in accordance with your team’s proposed location, as shown in the table attached.

4.  Completed labels should be attached to the side of the crate, so they can be seen when the crates are stacked during transportation. If you run out of labels, please request these through your line manager well in advance.

5.  Plastic crates are to be used only for the emptying/transporting of team storage cupboards/tambours, based on the reduced allocation of storage in your new locations and not for personal items.

6.  Small personal items from lockers/pedestal drawers should be transferred by you, unless this proves difficult due to you not having transport. Small cardboard boxes can be made available should you require these, but these will not be transported by the removal team. It will fall to each member of staff to relocate such items.

7.  All storage packing crates should be packed, labelled and ready for collection at the close of business on the day before your move.  The removal team will move all crates and items involved in your move.

8.  All filing cabinets, storage cupboards, tambours, bookcases and pedestals must be emptied fully before your move date. They may not be moving with you to your new workplace, unless previously agreed with the Hybrid Working Project Team and identified on the plans. A separate communication has been issued to request a robust clear out of any files/items that are no longer used, which must be disposed of according to Trust policy.

9.  Please note: there is no need for you to label any furniture items, as this has been assessed by the Hybrid Working Project Team and will be allocated accordingly.

10.  Furniture remaining in your previous workplace may be re-used for other areas within the Trust, so if your furniture item has keys (such as pedestals/filing cabinets), please ensure these are left in the locks or taped inside the storage item.

11.  In most cases, desk chairs will already be allocated in your new workplace, so you may well be issued with a different chair for your office than you have now. However, if you have a specialist chair that has been determined by a full workplace/occupational health assessment, please tape a label to the back of your chair showing your: name, site, office number and desk number and the removal team will ensure that this is delivered to your desk. The same principle applies to any adjustable desks, but the move team have already made a note of where these are.

12.  We have been notified of staff who have special workplace needs but if you feel that this has not been highlighted, please double check with your line manager.

13.  After your move, the removal team will continually sweep all areas to remove empty packing crates. However, you should try to empty all crates within one week of your relocation.

IT kit and phones:

14.  The IT team will attend your work area on the day of your move to disconnect and pack all IT kit and phones, so you do not need to do anything in this respect. As a rule of thumb, IT kit will be generically provided at all desks, therefore, very little IT will be transferred, unless your manager has flagged up the need for specialist IT kit to move to specific desks.

a.  The removal team will supply special IT crates on the day of your move and the IT team will pack all relevant kit from each desk in these crates and place a label on it, noting the desk number, where it is moving to a fixed desk. In this instance, please complete a couple of spare labels and leave these on your keyboard, for the IT team to place on your IT crate.

b.  The removal team will place IT crates onto the relevant desks, prior to the IT team re-connecting each set of equipment on the day of your move.

c.  These IT crates will be removed on the day by the removal team.

15.  Your existing telephone number/extension will be moving with you to your new work area.

16.  On some of the larger move phases, IT technicians will be available on the day following your relocation, to ensure that you can access the IT and telephony systems.  This team will visit your department so there is no need to log IT requests via the IT Helpdesk. 48 hours following your move, if you are still experiencing IT issues, these can be reported via the IT Helpdesk.

17.  Printers/MFDs (multifunctional devices) are being organised by the IT team to ensure you will be able to print in your new work area.

General points:

18.  Please don’t worry if your work area is not set up exactly as you require it on day one – our Hybrid Working Project Team will follow the moves with a post-move sweep in the larger bases, to address any operational matters that you have. Please send all post-move building/workplace queries to the Hybrid Working Project Team through your line manager.

19.  All staff/line managers should undertake a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment (form attached) within the first two weeks of your occupation, which not only identifies any needs but ensures compliance.

20.  Health and safety colleagues will conduct site visits, following your move.

21.  Swipe card access (where applicable) will be updated for staff for the first day of the move, but a separate communication regarding building operational matters will be issued next week.

22.  Certain buildings may have digital codes/keys relevant to some offices/stores and these will be provided on the day of each move.

23.  Lockers will be allocated per quantity of desks allocated to teams rather than per person. If your locker has a code, please write this down and leave it inside the locker for the next user’s reference.

24.  It is the responsibility of staff to ensure that all food items are removed from fridges and cupboards.

25.  Unless specifically requested as part of our move planning surveys, requests regarding whiteboards and noticeboards can be addressed following your move. Once all teams have settled in, requests for these can be logged with the Hybrid Working Project Team, through your line manager.

Most importantly – please remember to de-clutter before you pack and dispose of unnecessary paperwork according to Trust policy.

Additional rubbish/confidential waste collections have been arranged prior to relocations so that you can purge any old/irrelevant documentation.


If you have any queries regarding the proposed move schedule, or we have not covered any queries that you might have, please refer them to your line manager in the first instance, who can contact the Hybrid Working Project Team.