Publish date: 27 March 2023

From 1 April our Secure Care Division will be providing integrated mental healthcare in the category B men’s prison in Fazakerley, for an initial period of six years.

The team won the contrast last year and have set up a recovery focussed, trauma informed integrated mental health service there. This will provide psychologically informed, evidence based specialist support for those needing interventions to address mental health and personality disorder, and services for those with learning disabilities. The team will also be working with the substance misuse treatment provider, primary care and others.

Lisa Rens, Associate Director Strategic Operations, is delighted to extended the division’s hugely regarded offer. She told us: “This contract is a strong vote of confidence in the quality of our care. It also gives us the chance to serve more people in our local footprint, mirroring the important work done at HMP Liverpool. Well done to all involved in the bid last year and thank you to the team starting formally there this week delivering vital and valuable work.” 

Lisa can be contacted for any further information on the new contract. She’d like to thank both Jonathan Drew and Steph King for their hard work setting up the contract and preparing for going live this week.