Candidates are required to provide a full employment history and explanation of any gaps in employment on their application form. Any unexplained gaps in employment must be explored at interview.

Factual reference requests will be made after the interview has taken place and a conditional offer of employment has been made. 

Factual references confirm dates of employment, sickness record for the last 2 years and if the person has been subject to any employee relations processes, they do not include personal opinions or views that may be regarded as subjective. 

References are required to validate the last three consecutive years of continuous employment and/or training. The number of references required for each successful candidate may vary depending on the number of episodes of employment and/or training they have had during the last three years. 

Where a candidate has had numerous episodes of employment and/or training over the last three consecutive years, the recruiting manager may decide to recruit prior to all references being received. This decision must be made on a case by case basis assessment the risk against the service need. Approval must be obtained from the assistant director and sent to the resourcing assistant as confirmation. 

Existing staff moving internally

For existing staff moving internally, references will not be requested, instead the resourcing team will check the HR system to confirm that there is no relevant information that will need to be considered e.g. disciplinary.

Individuals recruited from another NHS organisation 

If the successful candidate is already working in the NHS, one factual reference from that NHS employer is sufficient.

Doctors in training

Doctors in rotational programmes are regarded as being in continuous employment for their full period of training. Discretion should be used when deciding the frequency and number of references required. Information from the most recent Record of In Training Assessment (RITA) or Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) can be used to obtain information.

Executive and Director level appointments

Checks must be conducted in line with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Fit and Proper Person Requirement for all Director level positions. This must include carrying out a check against the companies house register.

Approving References

The resourcing team will approve all incoming references unless there are high levels of sickness or an employee relations issue has been highlighted.

References are requested via Trac. On receipt of references the resourcing team will view the references and approve them if satisfactory.