Publish date: 27 September 2021

directory first image.jpg

NHS Informatics Merseyside is introducing a new tool called Directory Manager which will make it quick and easy to keep your contact details up-to-date.

Making sure your contact details are correct will:

  • Improve the staff directory on YourSpace
  • Keep contact details on Outlook up-to-date
  • Allow us to create distribution lists for targeted communications which will help reduce the number of emails we need to send out to all staff

On Directory Manager you will be able to update your work contact information, including:

  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Division
  • Location
  • Line manager
  • Whether you line manage staff
  • Your photograph

update details screenshot.png

What you need to do

Directory Manager will begin rolling out next week, from Monday 27 September. When you log in, you will see a pop-up like the image above asking you to update and complete all the fields and save before closing. Once saved, your contact information will be updated, enabling colleagues to find your current information.

Frequency of updates

To make sure your contact details are always up-to-date, you will be prompted by the pop-up on a monthly basis. If your details haven’t changed, you can just click ‘cancel’.

Link to update contact details

You can also update your contact details using the link below or on YourSpace/staff-directory.

Former North West Boroughs staff who find this link doesn’t work should continue to update your contact details in the usual way using this link.