Publish date: 23 March 2023

One of our service users on Maplewood ward received a letter from the King last month after sending him a letter to tell him how sorry they were to hear about the late Queen.

They told us: “I wanted to tell him how sorry I was to hear about his mother dying. I told him that I knew how it felt because I have lost special people too.  In the letter I put some loom band bracelets that I made for his grandchildren”.

The reply came to thank our service user “for your message and the colourful little bracelets you so kindly sent as gifts for His Majesty, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.” The King said their thoughtful words were “enormously comforting”.

Buckingham Palace 2.pngBuckinghamPalace.png

Some staff might recall Charles visiting the Whalley site in 1981 as part of the international year of the disabled. Our thanks for permission from the service user and ward to share this message.