This new group session developed by Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services is designed to help you get a good night's sleep. We all have times when we find it hard to fall asleep or find ourselves waking up feeling unrested. How we sleep and how much sleep we need is different for all of us, but if you are regularly have problems sleeping, you may benefit from some simple steps you can take to improve your sleep hygiene, get into a daily routine and ease those restless nights.

This session is for colleagues who are struggling with the amount, as well as the quality of sleep that they have. It is also for colleagues who would like to know the processes behind sleep and be able to apply this to enhance their sleep experience, and regulate sleep patterns

The session aims are to:

  • Understand the function of sleep and why it is so important
  • Acknowledge biological, environmental and lifestyle factors that impact our sleep patterns
  • Explore ways in which we can improve the amount and quality of sleep that we have
  • Look at the relationship between stress and sleep

The expected duration of the session is approximately 60 minutes and run over Teams.

Date Time Registration
Thursday 4 April 10am  Book a place for this session
Wednesday 19 June 12pm  Book a place for this session


The groups will be run by our team of Health and Wellbeing Facilitators whom have previous experience of running group based programmes of this type and have the knowledge to provide the appropriate advice to support your wellbeing.

Any queries should be directed to

You may find the following resources helpful in getting a better night sleep:

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