Publish date: 7 July 2021

It’s now over a month since we welcomed our new colleagues from North West Boroughs Healthcare. While most of those staff and services went into the Mid Mersey Division, we were delighted to receive Litherland Walk-in Centre and Phlebotomy from South Sefton, which sit under Urgent and Immediate Care.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the teams and already in a short space of time, great progress has been made in embedding the services into the Community Division and plans are in place for Litherland WIC to become an Urgent Treatment Centre, while Sefton Phlebotomy will merge with Liverpool Phlebotomy as one service.

It’s an exciting time for Mersey Care and our division, as Southport and Formby Community Services also transferred meaning that we now provide community services across the whole of the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton.

I hope you are all settling in well and your new colleagues have been on hand to share best practice, so we can learn from each other and make a real difference. If you need any further support, please do not hesitate to raise this with a member of your local management team.

This is also a good opportunity for me to remind everyone of the Mega Conversations that are taking place across the Trust. It’s a way of bringing people from all roles, teams and workplaces to listen to and understand views about work, challenges and future aspirations.

This year’s Mega Conversations are running online between until 17 July. For further information and details on how to join, visit YourSpace.


Thank you,

Lee Taylor, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Integration