Publish date: 19 October 2023

The onsite recovery college in Whalley continues to offer a range of training and sessions for service users there. As well as one to one sessions for some individuals, there’s a full schedule for next week which will include:

Monday 23 October

2pm to 2.30pm

3pm to 4pm

Get the feel good factor

Black History Awareness Month

Exercise and fitness in the dance studio

Education topic

Tuesday 24 October

10am to 12pm

1pm to 2pm

2pm to 3pm

3pm to 4pm


Aspen wood ladies coffee club

Service user involvement group

Seated exercise


Maplewood arts and crafts room

Maplewood arts and crafts room

In the dance studio

Wednesday 25 October


2pm to 4pm

Arts and crafts


Open to all

Only three places (contact or we can arrange alternatives)

Thursday 26 October

11am to 12pm

1.30pm to 4pm

Internet cafe

Diabetes awareness

Maplewood art room


Friday 27 October 


2pm to 4pm

Education sessions

Arts and crafts

Art room


Please contact and for further details.

Alternatively, contact regarding the service user involvement group. 

Any non-associations are to be managed by the ward.