APeople Pulse logo.PNGt Mersey Care, our goal is to be a great place to work for all. We aim to foster a compassionate and inclusive culture and improve employee experience. We want our people to feel proud of and fully engaged in the work they do. To support us to achieve this, we use pulse surveys three times a year, where all staff are invited to provide their feedback. This gives us a regular and consistent approach to understanding the working experience of our staff.

From July 2023, Mersey Care will be using the NHS People Pulse. This will replace the Culture of Care Barometer used in the organisation since 2018.

It takes less than 5 minutes to share your feedback. Your voice counts and we are here to listen to your feedback so that we can improve your experience at work.

Please be assured that this survey is still strictly confidential, where only aggregated data with more than 10 responses will be reported on. No personal data will be passed back to the Trust that could result in anyone being identified. Further information can be found on confidentiality can be found here www.nhspeoplepulse.com.

Please see the attached document for the People Pulse Trust Summary for July 2023.

Information for Managers and Team Leaders

Mersey Care will be launching the People Pulse on 12 July 2023. This will replace the Culture of Care Barometer used as a pulse survey in the organisation since 2018.

Why do we use listening tools?

Listening tools provide a stronger, maximised employee voice, providing regular insight into employee experience. These insights enable proactive action to improve the working experience in your team, Division and for Mersey Care. Studies have shown how important it is that employees have effective channels for voice (MacLeod and Clarke, 2009, CIPD, 2021). By have a continuous listening cycle, we can receive timely and consistent feedback from our employees on their experience at work. 

How does it work?

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Don’t miss step 3!

This step ensures people feel heard and that the learning is uncovered. It is a key part of the process and supports the NHS People Promise to improve your team health and employee experience in your team.

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Key dates

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