Publish date: 21 December 2021

John Gibson, Dictrict Nurse, will be retiring on 23 December after almost 16 years in the NHS. The District Nurse team share their farewell wishes below:

"Johns efforts for the trust are hard to be expressed in words. Working with a team of ladies for most of his District Nursing working life, John is always there to lend a hand when anyone has needed it. He has changed our car wheels, tried to help fix our cars and generally just given good advice to all of his colleagues when needed. We always know what is in that lunch box of his as he is a creature of habit with his ham sandwiches. He always goes above his role for his patients often doing the littlest things that mean a lot to patients like fixing their television so they do not feel lonely. Most patients in the area always remember John and some specifically ask for him.

Employees like John are hard to find and even harder to let go. As a team, we are happy to announce that now John is happy to start a new phase in his life. This phase will provide plenty of time for himself and his family.

We all, at District Nursing wish you a very happy and blissful retirement. Thank you John for being part of our team and adding that magic."