Publish date: 2 June 2021

During hot weather, and to assist in keeping all of our patients comfortable, staff are requested to please follow the measures listed below;


  • Open windows, if appropriate
  • Utilise the electric blinds / curtains to block the heat from the sun
  • Chilled drinks / fluids should be regularly offered
  • Ice pops will be available
  • Monitor fluid intake and complete a NEWS assessment, if appropriate
  • Offer regular changes of clothing and bed linen
  • Ensure cool damp facecloths and towels are available
  • Rooms should be cleaned and freshened on regular basis
  • In line with patient’s individual Care Plans, access to fresh air, baths / showers, and social contact should be offered
  • As advised by Pharmacy, use sun cream to prevent sunburn
  • Where possible, use bedrooms and seclusion rooms that are not in direct sunlight
  • Identify vulnerable patient’s and ensure appropriate Care Plans are in place
  • On HSS wards, the PIP’s team can be contacted in order to request additional periods of social contact or open door assessments to allow ventilation into individual rooms
  • Fans can be utilised to keep patients in seclusion / segregation cool


Please note;

  • Seclusion hatches / pill windows are significant ligature points, if left open.   If they need to be opened to provide additional ventilation, they must be continually observed and necessary risk assessments undertaken
  • Fans must not be used if a patient is presenting with suspected Covid-19 criteria, and symptoms should be reported immediately


If you have any queries please email