To explain how we use personal information and comply with current data protection legislation, a series of privacy notices for different groups have been produced around protecting their information. These cover the following groups and are available on the Trust's website:

  • Patients
  • Patients - easy read version
  • Staff
  • Occupational health
  • Foundation Trust membership

Individuals should be directed to these privacy notices when they have their first contact with the Trust (e.g. first admission for patients or first day on the job for new staff). 

If someone requires a hard copy of any privacy notice then these can be printed out and sent to the individual.

The following leaflet can also be provided to individuals: Protecting Your Information (Patients)

Copying correspondence to patients

All patients have a right to receive copies of correspondence written about them. The Information and Communications Sharing Form on Rio must be used to record their wishes and teams should ensure that they comply with their wishes unless it would cause a clinical or legal risk to do so.