Publish date: 12 January 2023

This free App, which Mersey Care’s addictions services are linked in with, will give you expert advice and scientifically proven tools to reduce your drinking to the recommended limit of 14 units per week or less. It will guide you to set your drinking goal, then help you achieve it by:

  • Tracking your progress towards your drinking goal
  • Recognising all the gains you will make by cutting down
  • Focussing on what is really motivating you to reduce your drinking
  • Seeing how your drinking compares to the rest of the population.

The App will also show you the issues that could potentially cause you to drink more than is healthy for you and give you a set of proven skills to address these.

These skills will allow you to:

  • Change how you think about alcohol and the role it plays in your life
  • Anticipate situations that may tempt you to drink too much, and plan how you will limit your drinking when you get there
  • Stay calm and relaxed in any situation without having a drink
  • Replace drinking in your daily routine with positive activities that will make you feel good
  • Manage any impulses to drink at the wrong time or in the wrong place by using a mindfulness technique
  • Improve your lifestyle and boost your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

Lower My Drinking App was designed by clinical psychologists and behavioural scientists to help you reduce your drinking to a safer level. Get started today so you can get healthier and feel better!