Publish date: 30 March 2023

Starting nursery or primary school is an exciting time for all children. They will be mixing more with new children and making sure they are up to date with their routine immunisations gives children the best protection from infectious disease.

We have reminder postcards which can be sent to parents whose children are due to start in the summer term. Posters can be put up in the school in traffic areas, on notice boards and doors or in GP practices to remind parents. There can be many reasons why children have missed out on their vaccines during the pandemic.

Reminding parents now and before their children return for the summer term or start in September gives them time to prioritise making appointments at their GP for their child to catch up with their pre-school booster, MMR and make sure they know the signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia. Have stocks of the postcards and posters for nursery or childminder settings, primary schools and secondary schools and Immunisations for children aged 3 years 4 months and Immunisations for young people for parents to read.

Back to school immunisation resources can be found on GOV.UK.