Publish date: 29 October 2021

The entrance will be closed at 7.30pm and no car must remain in the car park after 8pm. If you are working past this time, please move your car. Parking on the main road between the hours of 6pm – 8am is not restricted in any way for those who wish to park there for the duration of their night shift.

If you are currently parked for longer than your shift, for example awaiting a lease car pick up or a repair, please ensure you remove your car before Friday evening.

Please keep the closure in mind in regards to any late evening deliveries or pick-ups. Delivery drivers must be informed that they can only approach the entrance via the footpath from the main road and running alongside the exit ramp. Staff must not move barriers.

Depending on progress made, the closure will be for one or two days, but will finish on Sunday evening at the latest. We will all arrive to a fantastic parking area on Monday.