Publish date: 20 May 2022

If you are going to park on LIP car park then your vehicle needs to be registered before you attend site. The car park is monitored using an automated number plate recognition (ANPR) system which is managed by an external car park management company.  Unfortunately, we are unable to back date any vehicle registration on the ANPR system.

Visitors (including staff)

Please complete the new LIP visitor parking registration form and forward to

This mailbox is monitored up until 3.00pm each day.  Please note that your email needs to be received prior to 3.00 pm on the day before your visit and by 3.00 pm on a Friday if you will be visiting the site on the Monday.


Staff based at LIP

(Note based at the LIP site whose car is already registered do not need to take any further action).

Baird House Staff

Please contact the Baird House Reception staff.

Babbage House Staff

Complete the new LIP staff base parking registration form to change details or for new staff and forward to 

To register your vehicle please give as much notice as possible.

IMPORTANT - You will then receive an email to confirm that your vehicle has been registered.  If you park on site prior to receiving that confirmation you may unfortunately receive a fine from the Parking Management Company. 

If you have any enquiries, please contact Jan Nunn by email at or on 07867 343131