The Bank is an entity operated by NHS Trust's to source and supply additional workers to fill ward or department staffing deficits. The Mersey Care Bank team successfully places a mixture of flexible workers of all disciplines including nurses, health care support workers, allied health professionals, administration and clerical and ancillary staff using our pool of workers or via Agency.

How can I get on the bank?

Any substantive member of staff may request to join the Trust’s bank to undertake the same role on the same pay band as they are employed in substantively.

In order to do this, please ensure your manager supports your application to work on the bank. Your manager will need complete a contractual change form and on the form select set up secondary bank assignment and the required grade.

Shift times

Early Day Late Twilight Night
7am to 2.30pm* Varies from 9am to 5pm (mainly used for admin and AHP staff) 1.30pm to 9pm 6.30pm to 12am*

8.37pm to 7.20am (10 hours 43 minutes).

10pm to 7am (night starters)

Early and late shifts can be combined to form a long day shift*

  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Weekly pay
  • Shifts can be booked online
  • Flexible working arrangements and varied start times to suit your personal requirements
  • The opportunity to work in various wards and departments to gain knowledge and experience
  • Access to the NHS Pension scheme
  • Occupational Health advisory service
  • Free uniform (where applicable)
  • Paid mandatory training
  • Essential to role training 
  • Access to Trust training via learning and development and professional development.

General queries

Q: How will I get my uniform?

A: Once your recruitment is complete, you will be invited to order a new uniform from Meltemi, the uniform supplier. If you have recently joined the bank or require a new uniform please email

Payment and annual leave

Q: When will I get paid?

A: Bank staff are paid weekly each Friday if shifts have been finalised by the ward before 10.30am each Monday. If a shift is late to be finalised payment will be made the following week.

Q: Will I get paid for the induction?

A: Yes, induction and all mandatory elearning is paid. Please ensure you have signed the daily attendance register which is submitted for payment. Your name and assignment number should be clearly marked in block capitals. If you have any queries, please email

Q: Will I get paid for annual leave?

A: Yes, bank workers acrue annual leave at a rate of 12.07% of shifts worked to a maximum of 210 hours per year.


Q: How do I book shifts?

A: Shifts can be booked through Employee Online (EOL) once you have completed your induction and elearning. You will be sent a username, password and a link to access the site.

Q: Can I work on a secure ward?

A: If you are assigned to mental health care division (local bank) you are not permitted to work in secure division until completing a suitability interview. Applications can be made online by submitting a formal application for a vacancy listed on the Trust website.

Contact details

Wider Mersey Care

The team operate from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on weekends (closed bank holidays).

0151 471 2338

Warrington and Halton

The team operate from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (closed weekends and bank holidays).

01925 664 472