Once your post has closed you are required to log onto the TRAC system to shortlist your applications.

As part of the shortlisting process you will be required to review applications against the essential and desirable criteria.

  • Essential criteria is criteria that is essential to the post. This means that applicants must evidence all essential criteria to be shortlisted. Essential criteria is important as it specifies the qualifications, knowledge, skills and other attributes that are required to perform the post.
  • Desirable criteria is criteria that is desirable. This means that it is desirable that applicants meet this criteria but it is not essential. Desirable criteria relates to the qualifications, knowledge, skills and other attributes that would be helpful or desirable.

Where there are large numbers of candidates that meet the essential criteria you may use the desirable criteria to further sift your applicants. 

All applicants must meet the essential criteria prior to being shortlisted

On completion of shortlisting you are required to enter the interview details on the TRAC Interview template that will automatically appear once you have moved applications to 'Interview'.

You should allow seven days between completion of shortlisting and the interviews taking place.

Once you have shortlisted and entered the interview details TRAC will automatically notify the Recruitment Team so that they can invite candidates to book their interview.