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EPMA Business Continuity eLearning is now available on the NHS Informatics Merseyside Learning Management System (LMS).  

The EPMA Business Continuity procedure is a business critical process that is reliant on the JAC PC Shadow Manager correctly copying the live EPMA server at all times.   

This allows the in-patient wards to print the medication charts (MAC/MAP) in the event of unplanned system downtime.  The daily check ensures that the clinical team have the most up to date medication records in the event that medication charts need to be printed and reduces the risk of patient harm.  

The daily checks completed each day must be recorded on the web form


Please select link below to access guidance notes for the daily EPMA checks. 

EPMA Business Continuity Daily Laptop Check QRG.pdf

Please follow the link below to see the locations of the Emergency Charting Printer (ECP) & Laptop  Locations

EPMA Business Continuity ECP Laptop Locations

During period of system downtime Bronze & Silver on-call should refer to the following flowchart.

EPMA Downtime - Escalation & Key Actions.pdf

EPMA Business Continuity SOP.pdf (updated version pending ratification)

EPMA Business Continuity Compliance Report QRG.jpg

1) Location - Select the EPMA BC laptop/computer location to drill-down data in log (3).

2) Divison – Alternatively select division to drill down by location in (1) and (3).

3) Data Log: The data log can be sorted by selecting the appropriate column e.g. by day of year, user, location etc.

4) Checks Completed: This is the total checks completed in the current period (Last Full Week + Week to Date).

5) Target: The green arrow indicates the target to reach 100% i.e. 18 locations per day x distinct count of days in current period (variable from 8-14 days or 144 to 252 checks).

7) Export: Use this function to export the dashboard and or data. 

View or download a copy of this guidance here  EPMA Business Continuity Compliance Report Quick Reference Guide

For Microsoft Power BI users select use the alternative link to view the enhanced dashboard. 

EPMA Business Continuity Compliance Report Dashboard (PowerBI) 

NHS Informatics Merseyside are pleased to announce that a new EPMA Business Continuity eLearning course has been published on their Learning Management System (LMS).

New users to the LMS must update their LMS Learner Profile Form before they access any training resources.

Please ensure that you follow the correct registration process for your organisation.

Visit the LMS Information Page for more information and to register / login.

To locate the EPMA Business Continuity eLearning Couse within the LMS.

  • Register / Login to the LMS > navigate to the IM-Training Service Course Catalogue.
  • Select the Search bar > enter EPMA > click the blue arrow.
  • Locate the EPMA Business Continuity course > select View Course.


Who needs to complete this eLearning?

In-patient users from the following staff groups should complete the EPMA Business Continuity elearning course. 

  • Qualified nursing staff
  • Medicines Managment staff including pharmacists & pharmacy technicians
  • Divisional & Operational Leads (optional)

For general EPMA reports & Medicines Management Clinical Informatics Service please contact pharmacybi@merseycare.nhs.uk

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