Staff development – training and qualifications

The Trust runs on an annual appraisal cycle through the PACE process.

Managers should ensure that these are completed as communicated.

The PACE discussion is useful, bit should not be limited to, for discussion regarding an employees personal and professional development.

As a finance department we have access to a wide range of materials and opportunities for developing staff.

The departmental study policy covers support available to colleagues wanting to study accountancy courses as well as other courses available via the Skills Development Network and One NHS Finance.

See below resource which are useful in supporting discussions regarding an employees learning and development.

Finance Skills Development

Finance Skills Development Network run various courses through the year - NHS Skills Development Network (NHS SDN)


HFMA introductions to NHS Finance are helpful guides to support our budget holders, these are also really useful for an overview to support in our roles as well and for broadening knowledge across the various finance functions HFMA Introductory guide to NHS finance

NHS Leadership Academy

The NHS Leadership Academy also offer some great support Leadership Academy – Better Leaders, Better Care, Brighter Future

One NHSE Finance

One NHS Finance - ONF website