According to the results from the latest National Diabetes Inpatient Audit, two in five people with diabetes on insulin (40 per cent) experience an error related to the administration of the drug while in hospital.

To improve insulin safety, we will always listen to the patient, and where possible we will support them to self-manage their insulin therapy.

If a healthcare professional is required to administer the insulin, we will follow the 6 Rs:

  • Right person
  • Right insulin
  • Right dose
  • Right time
  • Right device
  • Right way.

In addition:

  • If insulin is prescribed in writing, always use units, not abbreviations (not U or IU)
  • Never use a needle, pen device or other for more than one patient
  • Never carry more than one insulin device on your person at a time.

If you administer insulin in your work setting, please ensure the Be Aware, Don’t Share poster is clearly on display.

If you suspect insulin may have been administered incorrectly, you must escalate for medical review immediately.

For further information, please discuss with your line manager in the first instance. For anything else, contact: Dr John Crosby, Medicines and Safety Lead or
Fiona Boyd, Deputy Chief Pharmacist (Clinical Quality and Governance)