Publish date: 24 August 2023

Greg Shelley, Head of Operations in the Secure Division, has been awarded an MSc in Leadership and Management Development from Edge Hill University, supported and funded by Mersey Care.

Greg began the course in 2019, while still working full time for Mersey Care, but the course was interrupted by the pandemic. Greg describes this time as “the busiest I have ever been” and everything was put on hold while he and his colleagues worked tirelessly through COVID-19.

In 2021, the course started up again and Greg got stuck into his studying. Writing up his 20,000 word dissertation on staff culture in secure environments, Greg worked diligently every weekend, while still doing his day job during the week. He was able to submit his dissertation in January 2023 and graduated in July.

Greg Shelley MSc.jpg

Greg says that the Master’s, and especially the dissertation, has really helped him in his role and informed how he thinks about changing cultures and ways to support staff teams to reach their best potential.

For anyone thinking of further study alongside their day to day role, Greg says to make the most of all the support that’s available to you from Mersey Care and the University and to study something that interests you and that will be relevant to your role.

He is grateful for all the support and encouragement he’s received from his colleagues and Mersey Care and is looking forward to putting more of his learning into practice!