Do you want to 'know your numbers'?

Health checks empower you to understand your current level of general health and fitness. They can help you to discover any potential associated health risks you may have and you'll also receive personalised wellbeing advice.

Our Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services can offer you and your team mini health checks which can be done in your workplace. You can get in touch with us to arrange a time for us to visit your team. Or you can come to us, see the dates and venues below.

The mini health checks can include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Weight, height and BMI
  • Waist Circumference
  • Body fat percentage
  • The Chair Fitness Test

All assessments are optional - you can choose which measures you want to include in your mini health check and exclude the ones you don't. The results are confidential. Having all assements done takes around 15 minutes. The team can be booked out for up to three hours.

The table below shows you dates and times that you can book now, to come and have a mini health check done at one of our bases.

Date Venue Registration
Monday 20 March 9.45am-1pm V7 Building, Kings Business Park, Prescot, L34 1PJ Book a time here
Thursday 23 March 9.30am-4pm Hollins Park House Book a time here
Friday 21 April 9.30am-4pm Hollins Park House Book a time here
Tuesday 25 April 1.30pm-4pm V7 Building, Kings Business Park, Prescot, L34 1PJ Book a time here




The mini health checks will be run by our team of Health and Wellbeing Facilitators whom have previous experience of running sessions of this type and have the knowledge to provide the appropriate advice that you may find useful, following your check.

It is the responsibility of the team requesting the visit to book an appropriate room. 

We are also offering the opportunity for individuals to visit one of our bases for a 1:1 appointment.

Both the team visits and 1:1 appointments are subject to capacity.

Any queries should be directed to