Publish date: 12 August 2022

Sefton Place inclusive of Southport Formby and South Sefton Services, will start a journey of transformation on Monday 15 August 2022, with the commencement of a Southport and Formby EMIS Data Migration.

This migration will enable the integration of services, the formation of PLACE, standardisation of the use of digital platforms to support new ways of working, greatly improved record keeping and support learning from incidents.

The EMIS Data Migration project will run for a number of weeks as it is being rolled out in a phased approach. It is an exciting time and has been embraced by all staff involved with enthusiasm and commitment. There may been some differences in the ways the services are operating, however this will not have an impact on the delivery of patient care.

For further information, contact Jacqueline, Clinical Service Manager via email: jacqueline.o'