Publish date: 23 May 2023

Essential maintenance was carried out yesterday on the EPMA servers to improve system resilience.  This has unexpectedly impacted on the EPMA business laptops located throughout the Trust.  

Sites using NWB EPMA are still affected (Brooker Centre, Hollins Park, KRRC and Peasley Cross). 

This issue has been logged as a priority with the system supplier CMM. 

Printing cannot be actioned from the business continuity laptop until this issue is resolved. 

MCT EPMA sites are covered by the normal EPMA Business Continuity process.   

Please continue to use the EPMA as usual whilst the system is live.  

We do not anticipate any unplanned downtime.   

In the event of any unexpected downtime, please contact the Bronze on Call/ Duty Manager immediately.  

A copy of the most up to date NWB EPMA MAC/MAP will be downloaded for each ward at 10:30pm by the EPMA Team and periodically throughout tomorrow as a backup. This can be made available to wards should the need arise.   

Please note MAC/MAP are only valid for the time they are printed and will not reflect any changes made to the live system.  

Clinicians who administer from the MAC/MAP should be extra vigilant for potential duplication or missed administrations.  

Please share this information with all staff on the ward. 

Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience caused.