Publish date: 1 December 2021

A message from the School Health team:

"Here in Sefton, as a public health workforce, we see first-hand the struggle that our vulnerable families experience at this time of year. 

The South Sefton School Health Cluster are arranging a drop off point in the School Health office in Bootle Health Centre, for Christmas food parcels/food donations to be handed in and eventually donated in bulk to a local food bank which will, in turn, help to feed our vulnerable families over the festive period.

If you can, please pick up some extra bits with your usual food shop and drop them off in the school health room at Bootle Health Centre. If you choose to put a food parcel together, it would be appreciated if you can pack your dinner in a box, wrapped in Christmas paper (Please do not seal the box so that the food bank can identify what is enclosed and can allocate appropriately). You may also want to add a little Christmas note as well.

Below are some example dinners. Examples include a traditional Christmas dinner for 1-2 people, a traditional Christmas dinner for 3-4 people and other variations to suit everyone with additional treats as well. All boxes cost between £5 to £10 dependant on what you include, however, separate items are very welcome too.

All donations are gratefully received – thank you for your support.

Our local food banks are reportedly always short on tinned fruit, tinned rice pudding, coffee, UHT milk, toiletries, long life juice/squash, instant noodles/pasta, pasta sauce and jam."