Widening Participation is a strategic framework for the development of the healthcare support workforce, it has been developed by Health Education England, supported by the national Social Partnership Forum.

Central to the philosophy of Widening Participation is partnership working at all levels. By working together, we can ensure that the healthcare support workforce receives the investment and development it needs, be highly skilled and flexible, and able to meet the future healthcare challenges.

The Widening Participation strategy within Mersey Care has programmes with foundations in opening more doors to employment and training in the NHS. Attracting people with the right values and ability to do an excellent job and gaining the benefits of a diverse and experience workforce.

Widening Access and Participation enables people to Get Ready, Get In, Get On and Go Further in their journey towards a career and progression in the NHS. 

Talent for Care and Widening Participation means providing opportunities to recruit new talent from the communities we serve:

  • Targeting positions for local people
  • Understanding local demographics and opportunities
  • Creating pre-employment programmes and work placements
  • Engaging young people and supporting career development
  • Increasing the number and types of apprenticeships.