Publish date: 17 November 2021

The Broadoak car park will need to close this weekend for a final time. This is for the remaining line drawing works to be completed.

Please note that all cars will need to vacate the car park by 8pm on Saturday evening until the work is complete on Sunday evening. The entrance will be closed slightly earlier to prevent night staff who may be unaware of the closure from driving in and parking overnight.

On Monday morning we will hopefully arrive to a completed car park with many more spaces available, all wide enough to accommodate larger cars comfortably. 

Please note that car park control by SABA will commence again on Monday and vehicles not parked within designated parking bays, parked on double yellow lines, or illegally parked in spaces allocated for other purposes will get ticketed.

Please ensure that you are displaying a valid parking permit and if parked in an accessible parking bay near the entrance, a Blue Badge must be displayed by the holder only.

Many thanks for you cooperation.