Publish date: 2 August 2022

Herbstones chef, Louise Moore, showed her strengths recently by completing one of Macmillan’s Mighty Hikes. Louise wants to thank everyone who has donated money in Whalley and supported the cake raffle on site as well. Louise raised over £123 for the cancer charity! She’s keen to have more friends join her next time too – so please get in touch with Louise on if you’re up for it! 

Louise chose the Thames Path, a marathon hike starting at Windsor Racecourse, for her fundraiser. “It was very flat but very hot,” she tells us - and we suspect that even the kitchens of Herbstones won’t have prepared her for 26 miles at 29 degrees over the course of ten hours. 

Photo: Louise with friends and family (some familiar to Whalley staff) celebrate a long day: mother-in-law Beverley Smith, Shauna Macintosh, Michelle Culver and Louise.