We’re setting up a new enhanced rehabilitation team. The Community Enhanced Rehabilitation Team (CERT) will have a dedicated function of community rehabilitation. The team will provide an enhanced multidisciplinary intensive community care offer for people who need a more intensive offer than our community mental health/recovery teams were designed and commissioned to support. The CERT will work in partnership with our Enhanced Personality Disorder Community Rehabilitation Team based at Spring House to ensure we provide this enhanced care offer to as many people as possible. Note: our specialist personality disorder service will remain dedicated to supporting people with complex emotional needs.

The CERT will provide a needs led service accepting referrals based on complexity and need rather than diagnosis. The team will initially focus on helping to bring people home who are in hospitals out of area, working with our community care and housing partners to ensure we help as many people as possible to stay local.

As the service develops the team will expand their role to provide more support to our community mental health teams and inpatient units focusing on step down support and helping organise referrals to rehabilitation placements.