Publish date: 4 January 2022

Dr Panna.jpg

One of Whalley’s popular figures leaves us this week. Dr Sharmin Panna, Specialty Doctor, is moving to London for family reasons. She leaves many friends and a legacy of great care. Good luck messages have come from colleagues across the Whalley site, speaking with pride of her kindness and her passion for working with service users.

Dr Panna says: “Thank you so much for your help, support and kindness throughout my journey in Whalley site since 2009. You have been an amazing team ! You have helped a shy, overwhelmed, overseas doctor to settle down, gain confidence, learn ID psychiatry, and most importantly, compelled her to feel “Whalley team” as her extended family. Throughout my journey, I have been inspired by you seeing you making a difference; been encouraged to peruse my dreams and progress in career; been blessed with your care and prayers during my best or worst time. My journey in Whalley site; and the love, respect, compassion, skills I have seen in you, would have been a bestselling book if I was a writer!”

As well as being a fine speciality Doctor, let’s not forget Dr Panna’s secret for curing all ills – a secret stash of chocolate in her desk drawer (and do you know something – it works!).