In Pursuit of Excellence is Mersey Care’s bespoke Trust wide preceptorship programme designed to support you through your first twelve months as a newly registered professional within Merseycare. It is underpinned by the Trust Preceptorship Policy, combining competencies, structured learning and pastoral support into your own learning plan, in order to support you in gaining experience in a supportive environment whilst developing your confidence as you settle into your role.

The Preceptorship Programme is for all newly Registered Nurses, Nurse Associates, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs, Internationally recruited Nurses, and Return to Practice Nurses, where Mersey Care is their first employment since re- registration.

Enrolment is automatic when joining the trust as a registered member of staff, but if a new member of staff has not had an email from the preceptorship team within 2 weeks of commencing in post, they, or their line manager can email to inform the team of their name and base, and they will be added to the appropriate cohort.

  • Preceptee – the newly registered staff member
  • Preceptor – Experienced staff member supporting the new registrant in practice
  • Preceptorship – the programme/package.