Publish date: 25 January 2024

Clifford.jpgCatering FMA at Ashworth Clifford Southern marks 45 years delivering meals behind the wall this week.

Cliff joined the service this week in 1979. He’s been a big part of the catering team ever since, and always first with cards and gifts for his colleagues.

His managers tell us he’s an integral and reliable part of the team. Cliff’s duties include making sure that the main production kitchen is kept clean and tidy, that the food deliveries are checked when they arrive in the kitchen from central stores and also loading the trollies with the patients’ food ready for delivery to the wards.

And Cliff’s no stranger to chalking up notable records. He’s a collector of rare coins, antiques and he has more than a million stamps, from a hobby that’s ten years older than his epic Mersey Care stint. Cliff’s particular pride and joy are four of the 2009 Kew Gardens 50p commemorative coins. Some of the rarest in circulation, our Cliff owns four of them. They are worth a few quid, so do check your own change in case you find one of the other 209,996 that were minted!

High secure colleagues have clubbed together to get Cliff a big cake and tickets for a gig at the Echo arena to mark this 45 year milestone.

Very best wishes Cliff.