Attend anywhere is a secure NHS video calling service that allows consultations between clinicians and patients.  Patients will require either a Google Chrome or Safari web browser.  The system works by sending the patient an appointment to a virtual waiting area.

Staff manage their clinics as usual, video appointments are handled through existing processes and systems and run like any other consultation.

Take a look at the following presentation to gain an overview of how Attend Anywhere works.  The presentation will demonstrate both the process for patients and clinicians.

New accounts are created by generating a service request via the IM Self Service online portal.

  • Click the IM Self Service icon on your desktop
  • Select the option Submit a new application form
  • You will be taken through a number of screens requesting information about which system you require an account for, you details, your managers details and which waiting room you will require access to (please note if you are requesting a user account and a new waiting room or just a new waiting room, you will need to supply the specialty code for the waiting room)


Register with your email address

  • Once the form has been submitted, you will receive an email from NHS England inviting you to create an account.
  • Use your work email address and input a password in accordance with the criteria stated on the screen.

You must use Chrome or Safari to access the Attend Anywhere login screen.

Copy and paste the following link:

  • Type in your username and password
  • Test your equipment by clicking on the Test My Equipment button on the right hand side of the screen.  Once complete you are ready to send the patient an appointment link.

Sending an appointment to a patient

A patient appointment is sent by either SMS or by email.  The SMS or email will contain an appointment link for the patient to click on when attending the appointment.  Instructions on how to do this are detailed below:-

Sending the appointment link

Links are sent from within Attend Anywhere. 

  • Log on to Attend Anywhere.
  • Click Waiting Areas and select the Waiting Area where the patient will be seen.
  • Go to the Waiting Area Link click on the arrow at the side of the waiting area and select how you will be sending the appointment, i.e. text or email (you will notice the link that the patient will receive is already completed in the Text message box)
  • Type in either the mobile number or email of the patient.
  • Type the Appointment Date and Time in the Additional Message box.
  • Click Send.

For further help please see the Quick Reference Guide to sending an appointment (can this just be displayed as Send an Appointment text/email from Attend Anywhere link rather than displaying the URL address

​​​​​Business Intelligence Today (BiT) Reporting

Real time Business Intelligence Today (BiT) reports are available, for those that have BiT portal access.

Once on the home page click on the Attend Anywhere just beneath the Home menu, you will see that there is reportable data available for user, team, service and divisional level alongside an overall executive summary.  This also includes patient feedback.

Attend Anywhere – Usage and Patient Feedback Reports

  • Executive Summary – summary view of Attend Anywhere consultations for exec reporting.
  • Consultations Tabular View – shows a breakdown by date of all Attend Anywhere video consultations, excluding calls less than 60 seconds, support call staff and calls against test waiting areas.
  • Consultations Chart View – video calls by date of calls lasting 60 seconds or more, excluding support staff calls and test waiting room calls
  • Feedback Summary – patient responses from the Attend Anywhere video consultation questionnaire
  • Feedback Comments – extra information supplied by patients.

Users Requiring Access to the BiT Portal

If you require access to the BiT portal, please click the following link - BiT Requests

You will be taken to the BiT Requests Portal, please click the New Request option and complete the form that is displayed.

Your manager will be required to authorise the request and you will be notified when your application has been completed.

Attend Anywhere guides 

Patient information leaflets

Standard Operating Procedures

These are currently being amalgamated into one organisational SOP, please use your original organisations SOP in the interim.

If you are experiencing any support issues please contact the IM Service Desk using the IM Self Service Portal or telepohone 0151 296 7777

Reporting updates