Publish date: 3 May 2022

An exciting new pilot is currently being rolled out at Picton District Nursing team, who are trialling Malinko -  an intelligent scheduling system and route planning tool, providing full visibility across teams.

Some benefits of the system include:

  • Intelligent e-scheduling software for community services - matching clinical skills with patient needs
  • Malinko enables community services to operate with the same transparency and safety as an ambulance trust or inpatient area. Real time visibility of capacity and demand means better, safer care delivery in the community
  • Caseloads are automatically scheduled within teams, matching clinical skills with patient needs
  • Unplanned events can be scheduled easily to an appropriate qualified clinician
  • The mobile app provides clinicians with their daily schedule and type of visit
  • Captured data allows managers to report on caseloads and capacity and demand enabling them to plan staffing levels effectively.

We are aiming to have all district nursing teams set up and running by end of January 2023 and hope this system will transform patient scheduling within the Community.