Publish date: 19 August 2022

As you may be aware, the Trust agreed an appeal process for parking tickets issued to staff with Liverpool City Council in 2019.  This has proven to be very successful since it was introduced and 100 per cent of parking tickets issued to staff have been cancelled.

Following recent discussions, Sefton council has also agreed to adopt the same process, and this will apply to any member of staff issued with a parking ticket across Sefton Place, whilst providing domiciliary care to patients.

The process applies to off-site parking only, such as on public roads where staff are providing domiciliary care to patients in residential areas.

The process will be implemented with effect from Monday 5 September and is available on YourSpace for you to review.

Any parking permits currently in date are still valid. However, once these permits have expired they will not be reissued, and no other processes will be implemented locally in Place.

As noted in the Trust’s travel and subsistence policy HR24, “The Trust will not be responsible for the payment of parking fines or expenses incurred as a result of traffic or motoring offences which remain the responsibility of the individual concerned”.

In addition, for staff parking on-site, i.e. in privately owned car parks, please note that the Trust will not intervene if a member of staff is issued with a parking ticket.  Where this occurs, the advice is that these should be paid, or contested as soon as possible, to avoid incurring any increased costs.

For further information please contact