In order to appropriately balance security with the wishes of clients and service users the Trust has a policy on client access to electronic equipment. Accompanying guidance is available in easy read format below.

The available guidance should be observed before equipment is purchased in order to avoid problems around having to return equipment once the client has received it. Ward staff have a responsibility whenever they are involved in the process, to ensure that equipment made available to clients complies with Trust policy.

Process for PCs, laptops and games consoles

Items are provided by a local supplier, preconfigured for safe use. Available items are listed in the pricelist PDF below which is updated periodically. 

To order an item, use the electronic order form.  Please ensure appropriate requisition paperwork accompanies the form; the order will not be valid without it.

Important notice about Games Console purchases

If a service user wants to buy a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo etc. they must be informed that the Wi-Fi will be permanently disabled on the device and this cannot be reversed if they want to sell it or give it to someone else.  The new owner would need to use the device's wired network connection (or buy a wifi adapter to connect into it).