Publish date: 16 March 2023

Jane Kenny, Clinical Service Manager, is retiring after 36 years in the NHS! 

Jane is an Registered Mental Health Nurse by background who worked spent much of her clinical career in Talking Therapies in Wigan.  Jane then became the manager and was instrumental in integrating primary care with Talking Therapies. Wigan Talking Therapies was ranked number one in the country for access and wait times when she left!

Jane currently manages eight services, five of which were new to the division in September, but already she has made huge progress to bring everyone together and start transformation projects across all areas.

Jane's manager, Sara Harrison said "she really is a legend, much admired and respected by everyone she works with, staff, colleagues, external partners and patients. Shes always goes above and beyond and is an absolute inspirational leader."

Her legacy will be how she has grown and supported her staff to aspire and achieve and also her ability to transform and improve any services she has led.