Making an offer of employment

If you appoint a successful candidate following the interviews you must do the following:

  • Telephone the successful candidate and offer them the post verbally. 
  • Move your successful candidate to 'Offer' on Trac.
  • Telephone the unsuccessful candidates and offer feedback.
  • Move your unsuccessful candidates to 'Rejected' on Trac.
  • Scan and upload the successful candidate's interview notes and copy of their ID to Trac.

Internal appointments must be handled in exactly the same way as external appointments.

Please note - interview notes for unsuccessful candidates must also be uploaded to Trac.

Starting salaries will be applied in line with Agenda for Change/Medical and Dental Terms & Conditions.

Starting salaries - NHS candidates

If the successful candidate works in the NHS and is moving from another Trust to Mersey Care on the same band then agenda for change terms and conditions of service apply.  The new starter will retain their current pay point and incremental date.

If this appointment will result in a promotion the candidate will move up to the higher pay band and will be paid at the first point of the new band.  A new increment date will be applied.

If this appointment will result in a move to a lower pay band – refer this to the recruitment team who will review the relevant years’ experience of the candidate for this role and map the salary against the lower pay band accordingly. It is not automatic that they will receive the top of the band.

Conditional offer letters will always quote the minimum salary of the band to which the successful candidate has been appointed until the above has been determined.

Starting salaries - non NHS candidates

Candidates will automatically start on the bottom of the pay band.  Should a candidate have significant, relevant non NHS experience which you feel should be taken into consideration, you should contact the Operational Recruitment Manager for advice.

Please note - it is assumed that salaries will be applied in line with agenda for change and all new staff commencing in the NHS will commence on the bottom of the band.  In exceptional circumstances a business case can be submitted with the rationale for offering a higher salary - the information provided will be subject to review and approval, and no confirmation should be provided to the candidate until a decision has been made.

When a business case is reviewed the decisions will be based on relevant years’ experience at the level of the role they are being recruited into, and the Trust cannot agree to match a candidates salary if this does not meet these requirements.

You can obtain a copy of the business case form from the Recruitment Team.

Please note that this must be submitted prior to the candidate commencing their role, or within a maximum timeframe of 3 months from them commencing their post in the Trust.