Continuing professional development (CPD) qualifications are designed by sector specialists in partnership with NHS employers to ensure they provide the relevant sector skills, knowledge and behaviours. 

Who are CPD's for?

These free distance learning courses are aimed at adults over 24 and are the perfect option for employees and volunteers to upskill and progress careers.

They are designed for people to develop an understanding of the importance of mental and physical health/ wellbeing, as well as effective communication and management in a workplace setting. Learners may choose when and where to study with all learning materials provided, along with dedicated tutors that will support you every step of the way. 

These qualifications are perfectly suited for individuals who want to upskill themselves to aid with progression.

  • Fully accredited Level 2 courses
  • Complete within 12 weeks
  • Start at any time throughout the year
  • Online and paper based
  • Fit around work and home life
  • Learn from home - all materials are provided
  • No exams and no fees (however there is a £125 fee for non-completion following enrolment).

If you’re keen to advance in your current career, or explore available opportunities in a different sector, these CPD qualifications could equip you with everything you need to excel. 


NCFE Level 2 Business improvement techniques

NCFE Level 2 Principles of Business Administration (RISE)

NCFE Level 2 Creating a Business Start-Up

NCFE L2 Cert Principles of Team Leading


NCFE Level 2 Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

NCFE Level 2 Common Childhood Illnesses (RISE)

NCFE L2 Cert Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health

Health and Social Care:

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Common Health Conditions

NCFE Level 2 Personal Care Needs

NCFE Level 2 Principles of Care Planning

NCFE Level 2 Cert in the Principles of End of Life Care

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Principles of Prevention & Control of Infection in Health Care

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

NCFE L2 Cert Understanding Autism D/L

NCFE Level 2 Understanding Cancer Support

NCFE Level 2 Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes

NCFE Level 2 Understanding Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent 

NCFE Level 2 Understanding Safe Handling of Medication

NCFE Level 2 Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

Mental Health:

NCFE L2 Cert Awareness Mental Health Problems

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Counselling Skills

NCFE Level 2 Mental Health First Aid

NCFE L2 Cert Principles of Dementia Care

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Understanding Behaviour That Challenges

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Understand Working with People with Mental Health Needs

Personal development:

NCFE Level 2 Climate Change and Environmental Awareness

NCFE Level 2 Improve Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition

NCFE L2 Cert Understand Nutrition/Health D/L

Skills for work:

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Info, Advice or Guidance

NCFE Level 2 Cert in Lean Organisation Management Techniques

NCFE Level 1 Preparing to work in Adult Social Care

NCFE L2 Cert in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

NCFE Level 2 Tenant Support in Social Housing

NCFE Level 2 Warehousing and Storage


If eligible, these courses are fully funded, however, there will be a withdrawal fee of £125 if you do not complete.

Funding criteria:

  • Age 24+ (those aged 19 - 23 must already have a FULL level 2 qualification or equivalent).
  • Resident in the UK for 3+ years, for purposes other than study.
  • Not currently active on any other funded course, such as an apprenticeship.
  • Postcode eligibility applies (funding available for Greater Manchester City Area, Liverpool City Area and any non-devolved postcodes).

Recommended prior qualifications:

  • Level 1 in English (GCSE grade 3/D or equivalent)
  • Level 2 in English (GCSE grade 4/C or equivalent) for the following courses:
    Adverse Childhood Experiences; Information, Advice and Guidance; Lean Organisation Management; Team Leading.

Complete the application form to enrol onto your chosen course

All NCFE Course are delivered and run by external partners of the Trust.

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust hold no responsibility for the delivery or the undertaking of these course. 

Any issues, disagreements or grievance with regards to these programmes please contact the provider of these courses. The provider holds sole responsibility for all learners enrolled. 

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust will not be accountable for any payment of NCFE course fees or course non completion fees. Any cost that may occur will be/are the responsibility for the applying/Enrolling individual.